Brief: Develop for Pinar the packaging design for a new product on the market in Turkey: a sport milk.

This design should be able to stand out as new, and be clear about the product. It should communicate that is a milk specially reinforced for the sport. The public is not used to products like this, so it should have a graphic language that helps to identify and differentiate.

The Product Features:

Milk is a naturally effective food for the nutrition and hydration, which are very effective for training.

Increases the body’s ability to make new muscle and may help improve body composition. Also, after a resistance workout can help reduce muscle damage and enhance muscle recovery.


Close to this product we find the proteinaceous smoothies, which is important to differentiate itself as a category. While both share the theme of the performances, the big difference between protein shakes and sports milk is that milk is more beneficial proper benefits of milk. Because it is made from milk, it is more natural and is a more complete product, with more nutrition.


People who exercise, especially young people, seeking to enhance performance and recovery. They want to look and feel good, look after their body.


In this product is important:

Giving to know.
Be clear and descriptive with a nonexistent product in the market.
Communicate the use.
Communicating the benefits through text and image.
Create a sporty and performance image.
Stand out and differentiate of the milks.
Stand out and differentiate of other products only for sports performance.

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