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From intimacy schools to digital fragrances, to nanobots will shape consumer behaviour and product design.


Due to our screen time.

While staying in touch via newsletters we stay out of touch from eachother.

So the new trend is: reconnecting and reforming intimacy.

Trends For The 2020’s: Boro

People will increasingly purchase products for the long term. To extend product lifespan, they will want to care for these goods, keeping them clean and making them gleam. Aftercare will be seen as a mindful activity, and mending will become a matter of pride and aesthetics, showing that you care about craft and sustainability.

"Visible repairs will not only help products last longer,

but even make them better, more precious and personal."

Lisa White, Director of Lifestyle & Interiors, WGSN

Trends For The 2020’s: Intimacy Schools

We feel more connected to our smartphones than to each other, creating an epidemic of loneliness. We’ll go to class to learn how to reconnect with people, discover how to be vulnerable and build deeper bonds.

"If your idea of ‘forming a good connection’ is a speedy 4G service on FaceTime, it might be time to consider learning how to reconnect at human level, and attend an intimacy school. Learn to resubscribe to your friendships, sync your relationships and swipe-right on your emotions."

Joe McDonnell, Heaf of Insight, WGSN

Trends For The 2020’s: Above the Keyboard Dressing

From Instagram to video calls, we are constantly absorbing visuals through digital, ‘box-like’ shapes. This is having a direct effect on fashion design aesthestics and, in turn, the way we dress and our need to curate and ‘frame’ a look.

Laura Yiannakou, Senior Womenswear Editor, WGSN

Frozen Food;

Convenience food, but make it wellness.

Convenient way of introducing micro nutrients to your body.

Trends For The 2020’s: Frozen Food

Interestingly enough, frozen food can be one solution to global warming. It preserves precious food resources for longer and allows for more precision and even pleasure, when whipping up a fruit smoothie in the dead of January.

Lisa White, Director of Lifestyle & Interiors. WGSN


‘Beauty bots’ moving through your bloodstream.

Trends For The 2020’s: Nanoswimmers

Tiny robots will deliver ingredients, nutrients or medicine from inside the body. By the end of the decade, injectable ‘beauty bots’ could be on offer along with other non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Welcome to the age of the nanoswimmer, which will deliver exactly the nutrients you need, exactly where your body needs it for anti-ageing, targeting fine lines of hydrating dry patches.

"This technology was originally developed for the medical industry,

but as the lines have blurred between medicine and beauty,

we expect to see invasive procedures replaced with this sort of targeted beauty bot."

Jenni Middleton, Director of Beauty, WGSN

Trends For The 2020’s: Niksen

Niksen is the Dutch wellness trend that gives you permission to do absolutely nothing. As human beings rather than human doings, people will want to actively, allow the brain to wander, which will enhance creativity and problem-solving, reducing anxiety and even slow ageing.

Trends For The 2020’s: Adaptogens

For centruies, beauty has used the powerful ingredients harnessed by traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Brands have used skin and bodycare products that are rich in adoptogenic ingredients, such as turmeric, CBD, chamomile, lavender and marjoram. The ingredients will fight inflammation and combat stress by reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels.

"In a world where we are constantly stressed, overloaded and at risk of burnout,

we need products like this, which combine psychotherapy and skincare – in a jar."

Jenni Middleton, Director of Beauty, WGSN

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