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It is your year.

It is the year of you.

The luxury of personalized health and wellness.

It is not even “wellness” anymore , it is “well-being”

Year of modern life insurance companies, where you go and hang at its lounge where there’s a vegan cafe + book store for you to enjoy while waiting for your cryotherapy appointment.

The year of the rise of Parsley Health, the Well, etc.

serve your healthy cravings- while your subway newspaper stand upgraded into NEWSTAND -sells phone chargers, cbd oils and kombucha drinks.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD GOODS cover your needs 360’ degrees.

This is the year to experience; to live, to feel, to sense.

Luxury is no longer an iceberg, it is personal.

As a contemporary company, at ContempCo, we are focusing more and more on #WellBeing, #Retail and #Hospitality,

We wish you a specially catered 2020


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