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Retail Is Dying

They say. But it is tailing in on to something. Online Shopping. Yet, is online shopping a utopia yet?

60% of the items that are shopped online are returned. This Ai-powered startup is trying to solve this problem. Supported by BROOKFIELD, the first pop up has opened at the Baybrook Mall/ Houston last month.

Fit:MATCH combines the latest data science and 3D measurement technology to create a highly integrated online/offline apparel shopping match platform that delivers a transformative retail experience for shoppers and brands. The proprietary ai-powered technology called fitch, matches shoppers with apparel products that fit them based on accurate biometric data and preferences, and hides the ones that don't. The first-of-its-kind technology integration has been engineered to increase shopper relevance and therefore sales conversion, as well as decrease returns.

ContempCo has been in charge of store experience, branding, social media management, oversee marketing and PR, influencer marketing, and ads. We are loving being part of the change.


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